We are delighted to give away some free GCSE PE teaching and learning resources... these resources are often small tasks that help students understand, retain and retrieve GCSE PE content, we also have admin resources that will help you be more efficient and effective in the classroom. 


All resources have been developed by a member of the FlashRevision team. Whilst you may have seen or used these ideas before it certainly saves you reinventing the wheel...

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Skeletal System Dominoes (PDF)

Muscular System Dominoes (PDF)

Performance Enhancing Drugs Credit Cards (PDF)

Components of Fitness Top Trumps (PDF)

(9-1) Edexcel GCSE PE Topic Test Tracker (XLS)

(9-1) AQA GCSE PE Topic Test Tracker (XLS)

(9-1) OCR GCSE PE Topic Test Tracker (XLS)