About us...

FlashRevision create modern, engaging and relevant GCSE teaching and learning resources...



Our aim is simply to better prepare students for their difficult GCSE and BTEC examinations.


We examine current specifications to create relevant, exam-board specific and engaging teaching and revision resources.


We produce a range of teaching and learning materials. Teaching; lesson presentations, lesson plans and sports cards. Learning; revision flashcards, learning mats, exam question mats and revision packs.

All of our products are written by and copyright of James Batten and are verified by subject specialist teachers. We have designed all of our products to be student-friendly resources that assist with the delivery and retention of GCSE examination content.


When used regularly our products are proven to develop student's knowledge and understanding. We have designed are products to work independently or collaboratively with one another.


Meet the team...

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Content Creator

James has a BA (Hons) degree in Physical Education and Teaching and is an experienced GCSE PE and BTEC Sport teacher. 

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Graphic Artist

Sam has a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design and has vast experience designing, illustrating and producing.

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Janet manages our accounts, email and booking enquiries and is willing to help on all matters.