FlashRevision have created GCSE PE Top Trumps for Components of Fitness!


They can be used for;

- Introduction into Components of Fitness

- Consolidating sporting examples and Components of Fitness


How to use;

- Download and print the PDF as many times as you require.

- Cut out all of the cards.

- Students to write six Components of Fitness on each card.

- Students to then give a rating out of 100 for each of the six Components of Fitness.

- Students can then play Top Trumps against their partner.

- EXTENSION: Students are to glue 2 cards in their book and justify why they gave that sporting example those ratings.


Why not tweet us (@FlashRevision) a picture of how you used them in your lessons! Download our other 'Freebies' too!

Components of Fitness Top Trumps (PDF)

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    First published 2019


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