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FlashRevision have created lesson presentations that introduce (9-1) GCSE PE content is an engaging, memorable and exciting way!

Our lesson presentations include; engaging starters, plenaries and tasks, memorable acronyms and key terms and definitions. We consolidate learning with sporting examples and exam questions!

All of our products are written by and copyright of James Batten and are verified by subject specialist teachers. We have designed our lesson presentations to be a student- and teacher-friendly resources that assist with the introduction and retention of GCSE PE examination content.


All of our lesson presentations come with lesson resources which can be printed and used for current and future cohorts.



When purchased by an individual  or an establishment our lesson presentations can be reused!


Students are engaged through starters, plenaries and innovative tasks!


Examination content is identified, described and explained in

our lesson presentations!


Lesson presentations are filled with memorable sporting examples and acronyms!


Students are challenged though extension tasks and higher-order thinking exam questions!


Our lesson presentations work collaborative alongside our learning mats!