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FlashRevision have created GCSE PE Lesson Plans for every topic across the specification!

We have thought long and hard how to write our Learning Plans. We have included easy-to-execute differentiation tweaks to tasks; scaffolding for those struggling students and challenges for those striving students.

Our Lesson Plans are created topic-by-topic rather than lesson-by-lesson, we have not put time restraints on our lesson plans because we hope that student's depth of knowledge is not be determined by time tasks. Prior to lessons, if students continue to struggle with content retention they should try pre-learning using our Learning Mats or Revision Flashcards.

Our Lesson Plans are written as if you have access to all of our available resources; Revision Flashcards, Learning Mats, Lesson Presentations and Sports Cards.



All GCSE PE topics are planned by a current and experienced GCSE PE teacher!


Our Lesson Plans do not contain guided learning hours (GLH); we all learn at different speeds!


When purchased, our Lesson Plans will be sent digitally (PDF) for you to download and use!


Some of our tasks are extended to provide challenge to those striving students!


Our Lesson Plans are planned topic by topic rather than lesson by lesson.


All of our tasks are resourced when you purchase our Learning Presentations!