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FlashRevision have created GCSE PE Learning Mats for every topic across the specification!


Learning Mats are modern and versatile worksheets that if you have the technology to support your teaching you can transform the classroom into a digital environment. Our Learning Mats have been tried and tested by teachers and students and can be completed on Apple or Android devices.


Alternatively, once purchased you can download, print and complete because when filled-in they double up as great revision posters.

Our Learning Mats can be completed on their own or they work seamlessly alongside our Lesson Presentations. They include learning objectives, provide space for definitions, answers, diagrams and also have some stand-alone tasks like composing a training plan, food diary, etc. 



When purchased our learning mats can be printed and used as classwork or as homework!


Students are engaged through tasks, questions and relevant sporting examples!


Students can be sent an editable PDF copy of our learning mats to encourage a digital classroom!


Students can complete our learning mats at their own speed and revisit difficult tasks/topics!


Once completed students have a ready-made revision poster in preparation for their exams!


Our learning mats work collaborative alongside our lesson presentations!