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FlashRevision have created Sports Cards to be used alongside the delivery of GCSE PE.


Within examinations it is common that the higher-order, long-answer questions ask students to link topics to sporting examples, our Sports Cards allow students to construct a deeper understanding whilst encouraging them to use sporting examples.  


Our Sports Cards contain 54 cards in total, 1 cover card, 1 card full of teaching ideas and a set of both 26 blue and 26 red sporting example cards. Our illustrations are the same theme as our Lesson Presentations and Revision Flashcards.





Each set comes with a selection of ideas and games to use the cards in lessons and revision!


Opportunities for competition; a set contains 26 different sports in both red and blue colours!


Students can construct a deeper understanding of topics whilst relating to sporting examples!


Our sets of sports cards are made from 300gsm glossy card making them last longer!


Sport cards can be used in an engaging way to reinforce knowledge and understanding!


Our sports cards prepare students to use sporting examples within their exams!