(9-1) GCSE PE Topic Tests and Mark Schemes...

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FlashRevision have created GCSE PE Topic Tests for AQA, OCR and Edexcel specifications!

Perfect for Assessment of Learning and Assessment for Learning each of our Topic Tests are standardised, and our Mark Schemes are student-friendly giving good examples of how to achieve each mark.

Topic Tests include:

- 25 marks

- AO1, AO2 and AO3 questions

- 6x Multiple Choice questions

- 1x Long Answer question

A bundle costs £30 and includes 6 Topic Tests and 6 Mark Schemes:

- Applied Anatomy and Physiology

- Health, Fitness and Well-being

- Physical Training

- Movement Analysis

- Socio-Cultural Influences

- Sports Psychology

Download our free Topic Test Tracker that will allow you greater understanding of individual student results and whole-class results!



All GCSE PE topic tests are 25 marks over AO1, AO2 and       AO3 strands!


Our mark schemes make it possible for students to mark their own/others exam accurately!


Use our tests to examine the knowledge and understanding after your delivery of content!


Use our tests to see what knowledge and understanding students/classes are missing!


Print and cut up our exams, allow students to practice questions across topic tests!


How well do students understand the question? Give students a mark scheme and get them to create the exam question!